Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Portfolio Blogs

Ms. S. is is in charge of our Community Involvement program and supervises students as they spend a block of their day volunteering in their community.

She's within 5 years of retirement, yet she's reinvented her class using Blogger. She hated the end of the Community Involvement class because students had to prepare a tri-fold poster showing their involvement and their take-aways from the experience.

I remember when Ms. S. stopped in and asked me, "John, what is blogs?" I smiled, told her she made my day, and I showed her Blogger.

Gone are the tri-fold posters at the end of the term. Now students are held accountable weekly to post their involvement and get the added bonus of developing a digital footprint that they can use to showcase their volunteer efforts in their community.

Here's an example a post one of Ms. S' students created about Selfless Acts.

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